There certainly is something kindred between wine and soul. This affinity can be seen from the humble beginnings in the vineyard, where the elements and sweat equity come together nurturing the fruit. On to the winemaker’s laboratory, where the immature juice develops its relationships and demonstrates its quirks. Then the graceful movement through trials of aging and expectation.


At Soul Squeeze Cellars, we place our heart and soul into the divine nature of the winemaking process. The soul can be squeezed through life’s journey, just as a juicy cluster of a specially chosen varietal is when it reaches that first test of faith on the crush pad.


Benjamin Franklin stated: “Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes, to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” Indeed, the winemaking business requires a certain level of faith.  We have it.

From the Rhine in Germany to the Old Mission Peninsula, Riesling has emerged as a formidable force that has enchanted wine lovers the world over. Rapt Riesling captures the essence of Michigan wine. Sourced from Bluff View Vineyard overlooking the East Grand Traverse Bay, this fruit thrills the palate with lively aromatics and a tempering acidity. So take a sip, and be transported to that rapturous moment when place and taste become one.


Nobody said it was easy. Farmer and winemaker alike face the elements as they try to bring the highest quality wine to the souls they serve. Growing grapes and making wine can be a fight…but it is a good fight. And it is not just wine. Everyone, everywhere, has their own good fight.  Do not be discouraged, finish the race and keep the faith! The Soul Squeeze Good Fight Pinot Gris is full bodied with a perfect balance of acidity, tantalizing your front palate with hints of honeysuckle, apple, lemon and white nectarine.


Every wine has a story, and in stories you can find wisdom. The Soul Squeeze Parable is a lush Petite Sirah with deep color and robust flavors that will cause any wine lover to enjoy and ponder. A rare fruit, Petite Sirah is an offspring of Syrah and Peloursin, a nearly extinct grape found in the French-Alps. As you go about your journey seeking knowledge and understanding, let this Parable accompany you and drink with a merry heart!


No two people are the same. So why would their wines be? Chardonnay is a versatile varietal, with a wide range of style and variation. Maybe that’s why it is the most planted white wine grape on earth. The Soul Squeeze U&I Chardonnay introduces two styles: “U" for that soul who craves a stainless steel aged, fruit ester-driven wine. “I” brings the oak bouquet with a pineapple zest. Enjoy on their own, or conduct your own blending trials to find that perfect balance.




Dry, crisp apple cider fused with montmorency cherries bring a balanced attack, firing tart and subtly sweet and spicy notes at your taste buds!



Vivid citrus and floral notes characteristic of these choice centennial hops boost an already delicious apple elixir.



Dry, crisp apple cider infused with juniper berries. Hints of balsam and forest coalesce with the dry apple taste leaving a sharp, peppery feel.


Soul Squeeze Cellars is located on the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan. The Soul Squeeze label sources its Michigan fruit primarily from Bluff View Vineyard and the Misfits Vineyards, also on Old Mission.


What the heck do an accountant and a lawyer know about making wine?

Well, a few years ago…not much. But we knew an awful lot about drinking it. One of us decided to go to school and learn how to professionally grow grapes and make wine. The other one decided to pursue more tasting opportunities. We both decided to turn our passion for wine into something bigger, and we began farming.


No two people are the same, and no two wines are the same. The pursuit of quality is not furthered by imitation. The mentality at Misfits Vineyards is simple: great fruit makes great wine. By implementing the highest growing standards and enology practices, we intend to showcase the best of what Michigan wine has to offer. We don’t use herbicides or synthetic pesticides. Our grapes are grown with an organic mindset.


This isn’t France or California, this is Michigan.  And we love it.  Yeah, it can get cold here. But it’s beautiful…and the wine is great.  Up and down the Old Mission Peninsula, you will find talented viticulturists and winemakers working to refute the theory that good wines only come from the Old World or the West Coast. Thanks to them, and Lake Michigan, our state’s wine industry has come a long way, in its own way.  We misfits are proud to join them.


We know that the enjoyment of wine is not an elitist endeavor. It is simply an appreciation of life.  We have a passion for the grape that we want to share, and a mentality we hope is contagious.

mis·fit : /ˈmisˌfit/ Noun

A person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others.

Yes, our passion is wine. But we here at Soul Squeeze are keen on all of life’s enjoyments. Hard cider production incorporates aspects of both winemaking and craft beer brewing. We’ve added a little soul to these hard ciders with cherries and hops grown right here on the Old Mission Peninsula.

Why NOT Cider?

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Ok…we love Michigan. We love wine. Who doesn’t? But Soul Squeeze is more. We love people. Think about it: since biblical times, wine has been used to celebrate. To commemorate. To honor.


We want Soul Squeeze to be a force for good. A big part of our mission is to aid souls in need. Pursuing this, the Soul Squeeze Cellars label will give a portion of our proceeds each year to charitable children's organizations.


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