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October 27, 2023 | Soul Squeeze

Celebrating the End of Harvest Season in Michigan Wineries

As the autumn leaves paint a tapestry of red and gold across Michigan's wine regions, wineries across the state are wrapping up a journey that's been both challenging and rewarding. The end of harvest season marks a crucial milestone, and at Soul Squeeze Cellars, we have exciting news to share. We successfully harvested Chardonnay and Pinot Gris for our upcoming "Motor City Squeeze" wine with the Detroit Pistons. But that's not all—this year, we also welcomed a new varietal to our winery: Blaufränkisch. Join us as we celebrate the end of harvest and delve into the unique stories that have unfolded in Michigan's vineyards.

The Culmination of Months of Care and Patience

Harvest season in Michigan is a culmination of months of meticulous care, patience, and anticipation. It's a time when the fruits of labor, quite literally, come to life. This year, the Chardonnay and Pinot Gris grapes we've carefully nurtured have been harvested to become an integral part of our "Motor City Squeeze" wine, a co-branded masterpiece with the Detroit Pistons. This exceptional wine promises to embody the essence of Michigan's winemaking heritage

The Michigan Harvest: Challenges and Triumphs

Michigan's climate, with its unique mixture of lake effects and temperate seasons, presents challenges that winemakers deftly navigate during the harvest. Rapid temperature changes and the ever-present threat of frost require vigilant monitoring and adaptation. Despite these challenges, Michigan's wineries continue to flourish, producing wines that showcase the diversity and excellence of the region.

A Rich Tapestry of Flavors

The end of harvest is a time when winemakers can reflect on the rich tapestry of flavors that Michigan's landscapes offer. Each grape variety tells a unique story, capturing the essence of the region's terroir. Whether it's the crispness of Chardonnay, the vibrancy of Pinot Gris, or the bold character of Blaufränkisch, these grapes reflect the diversity of Michigan's winemaking heritage.

Raising a Glass to Michigan's Winemakers

The end of harvest season is a time to not only acknowledge the hard work and dedication of winemakers but also to revel in the splendid flavors that Michigan's vineyards have to offer. We invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable journey, and we can't wait to share the results with you in our upcoming wines.

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Soul Squeeze
October 10, 2023 | Soul Squeeze

It's Wine Harvest Season in Michigan!



As the vibrant hues of autumn paint the Michigan landscape, winemakers across the state are gearing up for one of the most exhilarating times of the year—harvest season. This annual journey into the vineyards brings both excitement and challenges. In this blog post, we'll take you behind the scenes of harvest season in Michigan, shedding light on the intricate dance between winemakers and Mother Nature in this climatic mosaic.

Harvest Season: A Symphony of Colors and Flavors

Michigan's harvest season, usually spanning from late summer to early fall, is a magical time for wineries. It's when the vineyards come alive with the promise of a new vintage. The air is filled with the rich aromas of ripening grapes, and the landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope of red, yellow, and orange foliage. It's a time when winemakers become both artists and scientists, meticulously selecting the perfect moment to pluck the grapes from the vine.

The Complications of Michigan's Climate

However, Michigan's climate, while diverse and enchanting, can pose unique challenges during harvest season. The state's northern location and proximity to the Great Lakes mean that the weather can be as fickle as it is beautiful. Winemakers must contend with temperature swings, unpredictable rain showers, and the looming threat of early frosts.

Mitigating Risks: Strategies for a Successful Harvest

To navigate these complications, winemakers employ a range of strategies. One crucial aspect is monitoring weather patterns closely. With advanced technology and predictive tools, they can anticipate adverse weather conditions and adjust their harvest schedules accordingly. Additionally, some vineyards invest in protective measures such as frost fans and wind machines to mitigate the risk of frost damage.

Join Us in Celebrating Harvest Season

As we embrace the challenges and joys of harvest season here in Michigan, we invite you to join us in celebrating the artistry, dedication, and passion that go into every bottle of Michigan wine. Harvest season is a time when the beauty of the landscape is mirrored in the wine's flavors, and we look forward to sharing that experience with you.

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Soul Squeeze
September 19, 2023 | Soul Squeeze

La Perle: The Exquisite Gem of Soul Squeeze Cellars


At Soul Squeeze Cellars, we've always been passionate about crafting wines that tell a story, embodying the very essence of Michigan's winemaking heritage. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our latest masterpiece, La Perle – a traditional blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay, crafted using the time-honored Champagne method. This exquisite wine, with its delicate bubbles and rich flavors, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. What makes it even more exclusive is that La Perle is available only to members of our esteemed Pistons Wine Club. Join us as we raise a glass to this remarkable creation and explore the world of Soul Squeeze Cellars.

La Perle: A Symphony of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay

La Perle is a masterpiece born from the harmonious blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes. Crafted using the traditional Champagne method, this wine exudes elegance and complexity. With its fine, persistent bubbles and a palate that dances with flavors of red fruits, toasted bread, and citrus notes, La Perle is a celebration in every sip.

A Gem Reserved for Pistons Wine Club Members

At Soul Squeeze Cellars, we believe in offering exclusive experiences to our valued patrons. La Perle is no exception. This exquisite wine is available solely to members of our Pistons Wine Club, a community of wine enthusiasts who share our passion for excellence. Membership opens the door to unique, handcrafted wines like La Perle and a journey through the very heart of Michigan's winemaking spirit.

The Essence of Michigan in Every Glass

Michigan's winemaking heritage is diverse, much like its landscapes. La Perle captures the essence of Michigan's terroir, from the picturesque vineyards to the rolling hills of Traverse City. Each sip is a voyage through the state's unique flavors, a testament to the fertile soils and temperate climate that make Michigan wines truly exceptional.

Join Us in Savoring La Perle: Become a Member of the Pistons Wine Club and Experience Michigan's Finest, One Sip at a Time.

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Soul Squeeze
August 31, 2023 | Soul Squeeze

Crafting Excellence: Soul Squeeze Cellars and the Art of Michigan Winemaking

Crafting Excellence: Soul Squeeze Cellars and the Art of Michigan Winemaking

Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Michigan's Traverse City wine region, Soul Squeeze Cellars has become a shining star in the state's vibrant winemaking tapestry. With a dedication to quality and a passion for innovation, this up-and-coming winery has captured the essence of Michigan's fertile terroir. Journey with us as we explore how Soul Squeeze Cellars has carved its place in the Michigan wine industry, embodying the spirit of the region's winemaking heritage.

The Rise of an Up-and-Coming Winery: Soul Squeeze's Journey

As an emerging force in Michigan's winemaking scene, Soul Squeeze Cellars has swiftly garnered attention for its commitment to crafting wines that capture the essence of the region. With a focus on innovative techniques and an unwavering dedication to excellence, the winery has created a portfolio that showcases the diversity and character of Michigan's wine offerings.

Michigan's Terroir in Every Sip: Soul Squeeze Cellars' Artistry

Soul Squeeze Cellars' winemaking philosophy revolves around preserving the integrity of the grapes and allowing the terroir to shine through in every bottle. Each wine is a harmonious expression of the Traverse City region's soil, climate, and topography. The result is a collection of wines that encapsulate the very essence of Michigan's winemaking prowess.

Crafting Excellence: The Partnership with the Detroit Pistons

Amidst Soul Squeeze Cellars' dedication to crafting exceptional wines, an exciting partnership with the Detroit Pistons has also taken root. This collaboration, marked by shared values of quality and authenticity, aligns seamlessly with Soul Squeeze's commitment to showcasing the best of Michigan. The partnership allows enthusiasts to experience the finest of Michigan's offerings, both in wine and sports.

A Journey of Unity: Blending Michigan's Best

Just as Soul Squeeze Cellars' wines blend the diverse flavors of Michigan's landscapes, the partnership with the Detroit Pistons unites the passion of winemaking with the excitement of basketball. Together, they create a narrative that celebrates the multifaceted nature of Michigan's culture and the shared enthusiasm of its people.



Soul Squeeze
April 4, 2023 | Soul Squeeze

Pistons Partnership

Here's a great feature on our new partnership with the Detroit Pistons!   We are now the Pistons' official winery partner, and our wines will be for sale at Pistons games.

From Leelanau News & Events:

The Lake Leelanau-based Soul Squeeze Cellars announced it inked a deal to become an official wine partner of the Detroit Pistons. Under the deal, there will be a Soul Squeeze-branded bar inside in the Pistons Performance Center in downtown Detroit, Soul Squeeze wines will be available for purchase during Pistons games at Little Caesars Arena, and Soul Squeeze will develop an official co-branded wine in collaboration with the Pistons organization. Fans will also have the chance to join an exclusive Pistons-Soul Squeeze wine club.

How does a small-town winery land a partnership with an NBA organization? According to Soul Squeeze Owner Luke Pickelman, it had a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time.

“Last summer, we were participating in the Detroit Food & Wine Festival at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit,” Pickelman tells the Leelanau Ticker. “Some members of the Pistons executive team just happened to be at that show, and we got to talking. They reached back out to us that following week and said, ‘We loved your products and we loved learning about your brand and what you stand for.’ They seemed really genuine in wanting to partner with us. They have this aggressive Michigan grassroots initiative, where they are really trying to source their food and alcohol from Michigan brands.”

While Pickelman says the partnership will begin in earnest this fall when the 2023-24 season kicks off and the co-branded Pistons/Soul Squeeze wine is officially released, other parts of the collaboration are already taking form. The Soul Squeeze-branded bar inside the Pistons Performance Center – an event venue with hospitality space, practice courts, a Pistons broadcast studio, and more – is already up and running, and Pickelman says Soul Squeeze is also already working out the details of its Pistons wine club.

“We’re basketball people and we’re downstate people,” he says of himself and his wife Faye, who co-owns Soul Squeeze. “We’ve been up here now for 13 years, but we’re really excited at what’s happening in downtown Detroit and are excited to participate in that. And then we both played basketball in high school, and we’re big Pistons fans. So when they approached us, we were just like, ‘Are you serious?! This is great!’ We were already thinking about unique ways to get a bigger presence in the southeast side of the state – Detroit in particular – and this opportunity just happened upon us. We feel very fortunate.”

Pickelman is also hopeful the partnership will have benefits that reach beyond Soul Squeeze.

“I view this partnership as a really good platform to showcase the region,” Pickelman says. “A lot of our initiatives with the Pistons will be talking about the Leelanau Peninsula wine region, and that’s just a really unique type of exposure. There are a lot of people that will be paying attention to us at these games and in downtown Detroit, so hopefully that will lead to more people investigating northern Michigan and realizing ‘Hey, there are a ton of good wineries up there, and there’s a lot to do.’”


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Soul Squeeze
January 27, 2022 | Soul Squeeze

Wine Enthusiast gives Michigan wineries high marks

Read through a featured article in the Detroit Free Press featuring Michigan wineries that mention Soul Squeeze Cellars.

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Soul Squeeze
January 27, 2022 | Soul Squeeze

2017 The Pearl Sparkling Rosé receives a 91 Point Rating in the Wine Enthusiast

Scented with strawberry and green apple, this wine is a beautiful salmon pink color in
the glass. The palate doles out ripe Macintosh apple and Valencia orange, with a fine
mousse and tart acidity. Juicy and bright, this is really easy and enjoyable, ending on
a pithy lemon note. —F.A.

See the review here.

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